Land for sale in Kent

If you want to buy woodland or development sites in the South East,then a good tip is to look for Land for Sale in Kent

Kent is very well known for its abundant orchards and hop gardens which is why it is often called "The Garden of England". This makes Kent a good place and a strategic location to have a land investment. One can make manageable woodland out of their land investment in Kent which can be good for leisure activities such as camping, hiking, biking, and horseback riding, and touring around. e-cigs . If the land is well-managed, people will most likely come back and visitors would surely increase in search of healthier, cleaner, and fresher scenery.

Why Land for Sale in Kent is interesting from a speculators point of view.

Owning woodland can be pretty manageable because of the easy transport links around. rent ski equipment . The London-Dover road and the Channel Tunnel connecting the different places in Europe make land in Kent quite interesting from a speculators point of view. In the long run, if one chooses to invest in the South East of England, especially in Kent, they will surely make a good income and gain a return of investment.Aside from turning the land for sale in Kent into woodland, farm land or equestrian paddocks can also be a good market in Kent. 2006 statistics have shown that the demand for farmland has increased by 46% that year and is actually increasing steadily in the present. Because of the fertility around the River Medway, maintaining farmland is more productive and so investing in this type of land is such a good way to earn profits.

Agriculural land for sale in Kent - why is this class of investment an evergreen one?

What others don't actually know is that agricultural land investments have a lot of advantages. flight school . One of the most important of which is the tax advantages. That is, people who own agricultural land are exempted to pay inheritance tax as long as the land has been held 2 years before the previous owner died. This leads to a constant and rapid increase in the rate of income for the investor. Another advantage is the increased demand for locally grown food which is highly dependent on available farmland without onerous transport costs eating into the profits. This has also been the main reason why there has been an increase in the demand for agricultural land in the present time.Recent topographical analysis of the area in South East England has shown that development of residential and industrial properties has had very little impact to the physical environment of the area. Thus, further development of homes and related services are also gaining popularity in the area. The need for housing has also increased in the present time making house building one of the most targeted markets so there are self builders and building firms all looking for land for sale in Kent and the South East.